Saturday, November 17, 2012

first and one of the helpless event in my life

This is the place where I can vent my fears and worries.
I kinda feel helpless when my man is not beside me and I am such a fresh driver dont know how to handle such situation. While my man is at work I really feels bad to give him more troubles.

After sending my bf to amk for viewing, I went home to bathe and prepare some stuffs.
Being too confident, I thought of going to passiongadget to collect some stuffs before fetching my bf. But ended up after I left home, was told to pick him up at only 5.30pm.

2.5hrs to kill , if I were to go home like a bit ....
Decided to drive to ice cream creamery to kill time since its near to palm spring condo more convenient for me to pick him up later. Half way on the road, the rain pours heavily.
I was driving safely ..... I am reaching the serene centre already and I changed my mind to go back to his house instead... (maybe things won't happen if i didn't change my mind)

On the farrer road, still raining very heavily, I did signer that I wanna change lane and checked before I move out... But suddenly a car drove pass me and my front sort of slightly "bua" her side door... I dont know what to do.. so helpless as Its my first time. She drove and stopped in front.
Saw her coming out of her car with umbrella while I dont see any umbrella around me, guess its in the car boot. Don't want to waste time blocking others, I just ran out of the car without umbrella.

First: I approached her and ask if her car is okay. (too used to my customer service line asking ppl if they are okay)

I can see the right back of her car having a few patches and slightly dent on the car door. So we exchanged phone numbers to settle it later on...

From my experience, I don't really know whose fault thinking its the front part of my car touches hers.. so people will think its my fault from the logic right?

Continuing driving and having little phobia in my mind.
Questions pop out, how much do i have to pay?
How to tell my bf about it and his mum as well,
How am I going to pay when the money i have is saved for my braces and I have other commitment.
Why am I so lousy causing more troubles for my man.
What should I do....

Maybe I should claim medical fee from the lady for causing me headache throughout these.
So Glad that I have friends like Dearie who tweet me back, Xiu, whose bf working in car line telling me what to do. And Denise who tell me to work hard for flea tommoro to earn the money,    

Friday, August 10, 2012

Where is my travelogue

I wanna post all my travelogues, but no time and lazy..
From Taiwan ----> HKG----> Japan----> KUL

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I disappeared for such a long time


I know right, my blog is so dead cause i haven update for like million months.
Was about to blog about my hkg and mfm trip, but my bf's lappy doesn't have the photos in i have to skip it.

look up for my next post after i come back from japan..hehe

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I totally understand how you feel...
but you are still weird.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Secretly appreciates that recently bf didn't play game when I am at his house...
Thankyou wohei

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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

out of no where

suddenly got something comes into my mind,
that one day when i go to DQ's house, saw his ex gf outside there.
Then i will ask äre you waiting for desmond?
want to come in take a sit first?

i will text DQ : faster come back your ex is here
then when DQ is back, his ex will cry then DQ hug her..
me? stand one side then walk off!!

well i got weird and good imagination at times.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Before I depart...

最牵挂的就是我的男人.. 还有我的两只monster.. Lol

Beibi I will definitely miss you like crazy. How i wish we could go together. But it's okay we got another trip on feb:)

Be a goodboy when I am not around and when I am around okay? Hahaha
Will you change for me?
You should know we could be better..

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

hello. I AM SICK
Having cough and sorethroat for the past 1 or 2 weeks still haven recover and now down with flu at work. FML

Sunday, bring my 2 monster to ave 1 vet with mummy and Dq.
poor oink still have not recover and more sickness just pop out=(
sigh baby get well soon.

Dq brought his ah ma, mum and me to crystal jade for lunch.
Then dinner went chomp chomp.

well its a simple day yet i love it.
bus ride to his place at night, so long we didnt take bus tgt at night=D

Stayed over at his place then YEsterday went back to airport for QSM training.

saw this at great world, kinda cool concept

Monday, August 29, 2011

Harmoni One Hotel+ Batam tour

Shall blog about my batam trip.
well, at first was very worried cause Dq have to vote on sat which is our batam trip.
Then luckily filair emailed me that the ferry is delayed till 1150am. phew!! thankgod my trip is saved!

Reached Waterfront terminal, was very hungry so we bought honey cake from the shop while waiting for the tour guide to make sure everyone is there...

Seafood lunch at 933: basically we have to share the table with "stranger" from the tour, ok at least our table all couple of youngsters. everyone very nice and polite too.
1st dish, dearie's fav gong gong!! lol there is a girl in our group same as you love to eat that, she almost finish the whole plate.
2nd dish: fried sotong, yummy crunchy
3rd dish: chili crab, hmm kinda over cooked
4th dish : chilli prawns, i think they should make it CEREAL prawn instead!!
5th dish: sweet and sour fish! the sauce like weird.
6th dish: soup with fishball. like what we ate in Sg?

Eat bao bao already, tour guide bring us to some city tour -.- then 60 mins massage...
too bad we cant top up for longer duration ,if not the rest of the group will have to wait for us. LOL

lastly, Shopping at BCS... Bf bought a "patek philippe" watch. actually i like the one with gold frame, unfortunately we didn't bring enough money, or else can make it another couple watch. :x

Finally we can check into the hotel. The outlook of the hotel was Awesome like some palace or its just what style i like.. well most important is that Dq like it too....
Had 2nd round of dinner at the hotel bamboo cafe because Dq is not satisfied with the KFC dinner..

Next morning, woke up at 9am batam time (bf is a pig), by right the breakfast is buffet but somehow it make me thinks its "snatch all you can" instead of "eat all you can"
damn kua zhang the moment the staff push out trays of dim sum, next min its gone!!!

*btw this time we failed to swim again, too lazy once we lay on the bed and someone is afriad of the sun!! omg

hor fun soup DQ's dad cooked for me

prepared for the short short getaway

dont look behind me! lol

honey cake!! the texture is very special compare the normal cakes or kueh lapis

DQ trying to show off his finger can fit into my ring

the fruits totally turn us off

oil in packet form!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Not as perfect

Here comes another Sunday!!
Now it's more like a routine that DQ's dad will cook this noodle for us every Sunday :)

Today a little more special , he did a platter for us.
Then he say don't have chili sauce so we use Mac curry sauce . Lol

Heh my favorite crayfish !

Saw this chair being dump by other ppl!! I like the design!!! Lol

We ordered pizzahut for early dinner, then we quarrel because of a garlic bread ! Lol

Alright , after the quarrel Dq still bring me to keppelBay:)

How nice if anyone if us own a yacht and we can organize party inside!!

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Last night Dq and me had a random argument in msn.

Start with ...
He say me stupid
I say thats why i am him gf
Dq: I should really reconsider this r/s
Me: ya go consider lo , we haven buy house you still can go find a girl that you love
Go out get hurt and cry don't come back find heiwo
Dq: dont force me
Me: you mean if I ask you to find you really will find? At the end of the day if you really want to find , I can't stop you
Good bye!
I just went offline . . .

( no reaction )

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just wanna blog about this ...
That day I was at Dq house, his mum came into his room and say

His mum : ah girl 来我们看着个是设么东西!如果是chocolate我们share 来吃!

Dq: 你不要每次叫她吃这些东西啦!

His reaction really funny man!!

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The tuesday we Reunited!

I really feel the shiokness when ending work at 3pm.
Anyway, I'm happy to work with Joanna , talking about taiwan trip since she is going on first week of sep. And we share our travel tips!! Heh:)

I had a bad Monday , then a good Tuesday ! Hahaha Dq says balance already :)

Then met my gf JY Lilin Crystal for steamboat at my house ..
Suppose to meet 5pm, JY is late again!!! She only reach when we Almost done with preparing the ingredients.. So ...... We made her wash the dishes !! Lol

Cab to garden's for udders.
Hazelnut ice cream is never enough for JY and me. Add on with the Mao Shan Wang and baileys ice cream....

I love my girlfriends
And my cute boyfriend!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hello !

Weekend is gone again and looking forward to the coming weekend !

Basically nothing much, had a movie marathon on sat and whole day vampire diaries on Sunday.

Bf is gonna ban me from playing maple ! Alright its my fault la because he never switch on his com when I'm there , yet I still play maple. LOl sorry la wo zhi cuo le...

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Having much thought lately...

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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Spize delivery at 1.50am!
Fat die me
Seafood Tom yum soup

Sometimes it's really better not to know anything than to know too much ...

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Money and slimming issues is always the bottom line of our quarrels.
not a good sign.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hey hey! this is my 2 yr anniversary + early bday present from Dq♥
I'm really happy because its my very first laptop for these 21 years.
and best is ...its brand new one, usually all my desktop is pass down from my bro one....
yeah so i'm a happy girl now ,though for the rest of this month both of us will be poor and broke.

pretty touched, Dq went to get this lappy after his work, rush back from and send this lappy to my door step.. still help me with the installation.... and he is working today have to wake up early.. he still say when he is free he will help me install everything.

iloveyou Dq♥

Monday, June 06, 2011

Last friday, 3rd June was our 2 yr Anniversary .
on our 1st yr anniversary we didn't even celebrate and no presents...
I'm really happy that this yr Dq made an effort to celebrate with me and bring me to jewelbox which i long wanted =))
mini card from him, has been more than a yr since i recieve a card from him .

baby i know you are trying hard to treat me well.
thankyou i love you.
I've recieved your many many hearts from the card =D


4 more months to my 21st...
start planning already, just want a simple one but i'm so into the cute cute fondant cakes yea.
it will be great if i can get cupcakes with Rilakkuma, heiwo, oink, quek. PERFECT !

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Suddenly I miss your blog...
if only you have not remove that blog,
at least... i could go back to see you ever love me.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

i'm so so so lazy to blog,.
because i dont know where to start....

ever since the Haikou trip, i guess my life with him had been great in some ways.
sometime i'm really happy that his friends is not calling when i'm hanging out with him.
ahhaha xl dont be so bad.

growing up is not easy .
when i heard my friends getting married or have plans for marriage or buy house,
i start to think .... what is my plan then?
maybe yes i do want to get a car.....
but i'm not working on it...
i'm only working on travel and holiday. yes i enjoy travelling.

the bad thing is ..I CANT SAVE MONEY....

then marriage had never been a topic for Dq and me (since he did said before he dont see me in his future)
でも one of the nights at haikou he randomly and suddenly tell me he will consider marrying me if i'm slim down and learn not to spend so much money...
it just became a topic for us.

And just a moment ago,
Dq say : try to save money okie? then we can buy property and we can get married when you lose 20 kg.

Well.... human is very contradicting. we may say "he/she is not the guy i wanna marry to"
yet deep down in your heart maybe you still want him/her....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Loving this few days that i've spent with Dq.
because no body disturb our date .
though we never go to any fantasy or nice places,
staying just by your side is already enough.
I'm really happy.

haha if i were to be selfish, i hope your friends is always busy.

Friday, April 15, 2011

There is this big hole with us that we know it can't be mend forever.
no matter how hard i tried still it cant be mended....
though i knew it but still...i've been trying to hold on..

Infact, sometimes we know we wont marry or be with someone forever,
but we rather cherish the time now or for the time being just because of a word; LOVE

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Some words are meant to be hidden.
Now... maybe the best way is to say goodbye.
Because i know how much i stand, how "beautiful" am i to you.

I keep telling myself,
other party is just your toys,
while I'm not.
You're just making use of them as a weapon.

but, i still dislike that idea of "practice" .

What are words, if they're only for good times.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The world is cruel as such.
Boy: Who dont want a slim good figure, big boobs and pretty gf
Girl: Who dont want a handsome , tall and rich bf?

Thats fact.

Yet even you're not very handsome, definately not tall and not very rich.
One thing for sure is i still love you.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sweet of the day;

Just a simple kiss from you on my cheek.

though there's so much doubts,
i tried to speak it out yet seems like its not helping any,
If you like to filrt around why not consider about changing gf?
because i'm selfish, i dont share my bf in any ways.
if i'm not around you can filrt all you want,
no one will care.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Movie (Morning glory) & Picnic with my girls. bones n meat.
lol there's a reason for that.
anyway, had a great day with them.. minus the warm weather which makes us so sweaty and sticky.

We shall really have such outings more often yea?

sometimes I feels like a loser.
Yes, what I need is just a very simple love.
I want you back...
Keep listening to "Talking to the moon" now.