Saturday, May 28, 2011

i'm so so so lazy to blog,.
because i dont know where to start....

ever since the Haikou trip, i guess my life with him had been great in some ways.
sometime i'm really happy that his friends is not calling when i'm hanging out with him.
ahhaha xl dont be so bad.

growing up is not easy .
when i heard my friends getting married or have plans for marriage or buy house,
i start to think .... what is my plan then?
maybe yes i do want to get a car.....
but i'm not working on it...
i'm only working on travel and holiday. yes i enjoy travelling.

the bad thing is ..I CANT SAVE MONEY....

then marriage had never been a topic for Dq and me (since he did said before he dont see me in his future)
でも one of the nights at haikou he randomly and suddenly tell me he will consider marrying me if i'm slim down and learn not to spend so much money...
it just became a topic for us.

And just a moment ago,
Dq say : try to save money okie? then we can buy property and we can get married when you lose 20 kg.

Well.... human is very contradicting. we may say "he/she is not the guy i wanna marry to"
yet deep down in your heart maybe you still want him/her....

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a Singaporean who happened to stumble upon your blog. I do not know you personally, but if you are willing to listen to some advice from someone much older than you, then read on....

Your boyfriend, dq, has already told you straight to the face that he does not see you in his future. You don't seem to mind? If it were other women, they would have dumped this kind of guy on the spot and given him one tight slap across his face. "I don't see you in my future" basically translates to "I am just using you, until another girl comes along".

But then again, dq will be the one who will lose out in the end if the relationship doesn't end in marriage.

Just like Fedelis, the guy will always end up being the one who will be poorer for the experience, literally. All the years of being a personal chauffeur, buying gifts for the girl, restaurant meals, presents, movies, trips abroad, etc, takes alot out of a guy.

So don't fret too much if dq says that you don't figure in his future. From now on, just accept whatever he can spend on you and enjoy the service of a personal chauffeur until another guy comes along, just like how he is treating his relationship with you.