Monday, August 29, 2011

Harmoni One Hotel+ Batam tour

Shall blog about my batam trip.
well, at first was very worried cause Dq have to vote on sat which is our batam trip.
Then luckily filair emailed me that the ferry is delayed till 1150am. phew!! thankgod my trip is saved!

Reached Waterfront terminal, was very hungry so we bought honey cake from the shop while waiting for the tour guide to make sure everyone is there...

Seafood lunch at 933: basically we have to share the table with "stranger" from the tour, ok at least our table all couple of youngsters. everyone very nice and polite too.
1st dish, dearie's fav gong gong!! lol there is a girl in our group same as you love to eat that, she almost finish the whole plate.
2nd dish: fried sotong, yummy crunchy
3rd dish: chili crab, hmm kinda over cooked
4th dish : chilli prawns, i think they should make it CEREAL prawn instead!!
5th dish: sweet and sour fish! the sauce like weird.
6th dish: soup with fishball. like what we ate in Sg?

Eat bao bao already, tour guide bring us to some city tour -.- then 60 mins massage...
too bad we cant top up for longer duration ,if not the rest of the group will have to wait for us. LOL

lastly, Shopping at BCS... Bf bought a "patek philippe" watch. actually i like the one with gold frame, unfortunately we didn't bring enough money, or else can make it another couple watch. :x

Finally we can check into the hotel. The outlook of the hotel was Awesome like some palace or its just what style i like.. well most important is that Dq like it too....
Had 2nd round of dinner at the hotel bamboo cafe because Dq is not satisfied with the KFC dinner..

Next morning, woke up at 9am batam time (bf is a pig), by right the breakfast is buffet but somehow it make me thinks its "snatch all you can" instead of "eat all you can"
damn kua zhang the moment the staff push out trays of dim sum, next min its gone!!!

*btw this time we failed to swim again, too lazy once we lay on the bed and someone is afriad of the sun!! omg

hor fun soup DQ's dad cooked for me

prepared for the short short getaway

dont look behind me! lol

honey cake!! the texture is very special compare the normal cakes or kueh lapis

DQ trying to show off his finger can fit into my ring

the fruits totally turn us off

oil in packet form!

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Adelaide Hills Accommodation said...

Gorgeous! You surely had fun with that tour for sure! You look good together! And your photo seating at the railway was awesome! I love that. The place was great, I haven't been there and I'm looking forward to visit the place someday! Thanks for inspiring me!