Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The tuesday we Reunited!

I really feel the shiokness when ending work at 3pm.
Anyway, I'm happy to work with Joanna , talking about taiwan trip since she is going on first week of sep. And we share our travel tips!! Heh:)

I had a bad Monday , then a good Tuesday ! Hahaha Dq says balance already :)

Then met my gf JY Lilin Crystal for steamboat at my house ..
Suppose to meet 5pm, JY is late again!!! She only reach when we Almost done with preparing the ingredients.. So ...... We made her wash the dishes !! Lol

Cab to garden's for udders.
Hazelnut ice cream is never enough for JY and me. Add on with the Mao Shan Wang and baileys ice cream....

I love my girlfriends
And my cute boyfriend!!!

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